Production, Mixing & Mastering


Finesse your sound.

From AUD$250 (USD$180) per song.

Are you a singer/songwriter who’s finally got some material for your first EP? Or maybe you’re in a band that wants to embark on the process of recording that long-awaited album?

We can help you turn your tunes into release-able, professional-sounding content with our production, mixing & mastering services.

Why choose us?

  • Fixed pricing. We offer fixed pricing, so you know what you need to pay from the outset.

  • Experience. We have significant recording and production experience across a number of projects and genres.

  • Quality gear. We use industry-standard recording software and hardware to ensure you get a quality sound.

  • You’re the boss. You get the benefit of our experience, but stay in control of the creative process.

  • No strings attached. You have full ownership of any files we create for your project.

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